Getting your RV organized is very important. When you’re living in a smaller space and traveling on the road, you need to be sure you are packed efficiently, that everything is in its place, and that it’s strapped down so it doesn’t bounce around while on the road. When you’re properly organized, you have the space you need to enjoy your freedom and the journey.

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What to Bring and What to Leave Behind

If you want to get your RV organized, it all begins with the planning and the packing. No matter how short or long your trip in the RV, how you plan and pack will be essential to your success at organization. Here are your RV essentials:

Folding Chairs, folding tables, and anything you will definitely use every day that can be folded or rolled up and easily stored in the RV.

Enough Clothing to last at least four or five days since you may be able to wash clothes at some of your campgrounds. Many people over-pack in the clothing department and that takes up a lot of space. Too much space.

Kitchen Gear, like cups, bowls and utensils, as well as pots and pans. Fortunately, most RV rental outfits offer cooking supplies as an add-on. With Tracks & Trails, most everything you need to cook inside the RV or at the campsite are included in your package price. Here’s a great RV Kitchen Checklist with all those extras you might need, like paper towels and plastic wrap.

RV Kitchen PhotoCleaning Supplies, like dish soap, bath soap, sponges, etc. You can pick up smaller bottles of everything you need to keep the RV clean and tidy on your first trip to the grocery store.  Each person can also bring along a travel size toiletry kit to save space inside the RV.

Food. Again, you can pick up the food you need for your RV getaway on the first day, but remember to be cognizant of the space inside the RV. You won’t have room for every condiment, spice and oil that you might use at home, along with four different kinds of snacks.

Entertainment. Think books (maybe an eReader), a tablet, playing cards and games, pencils and paper, lawn games, etc. If you don’t think you’ll use it, leave it behind to make more space.

There’s only so much space in an RV, so it’s important to pack efficiently for your trip and also be sure to strap everything down. You don’t want things falling, breaking, or flying around inside as you drive. And leave behind anything you won’t need for the week. Do you really need eight pairs of socks? How about four hardcover books? You get the idea. Happy RVing!