As our clients come back from their trips, we occasionaly get pictures. The Harper’s took a 13 night trip that started in Billings, MT. They traveled the Beartooth Highway into Yellowstone, then through the Grand Teton National Park, on down to Jackson, WY and back to Billings. This family was really adventurous. They took a scenic float trip in the Tetons and had a private, guided, all-day, lunch included hike in Yellowstone (the most popular excursion with our clients). They did unfortunately miss out on a fishing trip due to high water (real bummer) and a chuckwagon dinner (reservation snafu by the outfitter).

They sent us a couple of pictures showing how much fun they had and awesome scenery. We get asked quite often what it’s like to be in the outdoors RV camping in the National Parks. Well, it doesn’t get much better than this! Not only does a family like Team Harper see some phenomenal sites, they get up close to them. And they get closer to each other.