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Wind Cave National Park RV Vacation

About Wind Cave National Park

A national park created to protect a below-ground world! Wind Cave is one of the longest and most complex caves in the world with many fascinating formations. It has the world’s largest concentration of rare calcite formations known as boxwork – approximately 95% of the world’s discovered boxwork formations are here. We will arrange for you to explore Wind Cave on a ranger-led tour during which you will encounter many beautiful underground formations, see where the cave was first discovered, and learn how it got its name.

While much of the park is below the surface, there is also plenty to see and do above ground. Take a virtual cave tour in the visitor center’s auditorium presented by rangers using LIDAR technology; learn about the area, the Lakota people’s long history in this region, and their connection to the cave and surrounding area at the visitor center; take a self-drive geology tour, viewing and learning about different rock types at stops along your route. The park also has over 30 miles of hiking trails for you to explore the landscape of mixed-grass prairie and ponderosa pine forest.

Be sure to watch for wildlife as you hike or drive through the park. There is a bison herd about 400 animals, and you may also see pronghorns, black-tailed prairie dog, wild turkeys or – if you’re lucky – the park’s very shy elk herd.

Interesting Facts About Wind Cave National Park

  • Wind Cave’s bison herd is believed to be one of only seven free-roaming and genetically pure herds on public lands in North America.
  • Wind Cave is among the largest mapped caves in the world. 143 miles have been mapped to date, making it the third-largest cave in the United States, and the seventh-largest in the world.