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How RV Travel Compares

Photo courtesy of the Cordero Family

There’s nothing we enjoy more than wandering the backroads of the West – no matter what sort of vehicle we’re driving. Where you rest your head at night can make a big difference though, and that’s why RV travel is our top choice.

You could check in to a high end hotel and be treated like royalty. Or, you could pitch a tent and enjoy some of the most scenic bedrooms on Earth (as long as you don’t mind sleeping on the ground). But we feel traveling by RV really captures most of the highlights of other forms of traveling, it’s fun, comfortable, and convenient!

For trips that cover lots of territory, we prefer the freedom and flexibility of traveling in a recreational vehicle. The wide-open spaces that make The West so alluring also make for a long drive to the next hotel, restaurant, or bathroom. So, why not just take it all with you? A motorhome is a cozy cabin on wheels that allows you to spend the night in places where hotels don’t exist. If you’re traveling with kids, you’ll wish you’d known about this a long time ago.

This is how the options stack up, below (in our humble opinion).