RV Glee

Tracks and Trails offers our clients truly custom-planned RV vacations.   Our trip consultants work with clients on an individual basis to create a vacation tailored to their unique needs and desires.  Unlike a group tour, where the cost of organizing the trip is shared among many guests, our trip consultants spend time discussing expectations one-on-one before putting together a trip proposal.  Custom travel arrangements can cost from 40% to 200% more than a group tour, but we pride ourselves on working to keep your budget in mind while providing you with a one-of-a-kind vacation.


Based on our client’s preferences, we map a route allowing ample time for excursions and take into consideration drive times so you don’t feel as if you spent your entire vacation behind the wheel. We choose the best campsites in the best campgrounds.  We utilize outfitters who are reputable, and whom we have worked with for years.  You will see and do things that most travelers are not even aware of.


Changes can be made to your initial proposal before it is finalized, and we can advise you about what could be eliminated to reduce your trip cost, if necessary.  Our clients receive a price for the entire vacation, listing everything that is included.   You may wonder why you don’t receive a cost breakdown for each campground, excursion, or hotel.  It’s like looking in a tour brochure and asking the travel agent what each hotel actually costs.  They have no way of knowing, as rates are proprietary and, by contract, may not be divulged.


We have had many return clients over the years, and we regularly receive referrals from satisfied clients.  It’s only May and we are already finding that RVs and campsites are becoming scarce.   We strive to reserve RVs from the most reputable companies, and if all of the options are not available to make your trip spectacular and you are not amenable to visiting another region, we may suggest planning a 2012 trip.  Our goal is to make your vacation the very best it can possibly be!   Call us at 1-800-247-0970 to begin planning your vacation!