When you think of National Parks in California, I’m sure Yosemite comes to the top of your mind. But did you know that Sequoia National Park, a largely unspoiled alpine realm with high-country lakes and mountain streams, snowfields and scores of peaks that top 13,000 feet, is only 150 miles south of Yosemite? Added bonus: Kings Canyon National Park, less crowded but no less beautiful, is practically in Sequoia’s backyard. This means you can visit 3 of California’s most incredible National Parks in a single road trip!

While more than 5 million visitors flock to Yosemite each year, only 2 million make it to Sequoia and Kings Canyon. So trust us when we tell you that an RV road trip from Yosemite to Sequoia is one of our favorites.

Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon RV Trip

map of trip through California's National Parks

From granite mountains to giant sequoias, this road trip hits the highlights of 3 of California’s most spectacular National Parks.

Start your tour in the Bay Area, then head east to Yosemite with its impressive waterfalls, towering cliffs, rounded domes, and massive monoliths. Drive a mere 150 miles south to visit the country’s second oldest National Park, Sequoia, home of the Giant Forest where four of the world’s five largest sequoias are found. Top it off with an incredibly scenic drive into Kings Canyon, “a rival to Yosemite” according to famed naturalist John Muir. Return to San Francisco to head home.

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