The family summer vacation has been steeped in the culture of the United States for many years. It seems that only recently (and I mean in the last 20+ years) that the spring break vacation has become required to battle the stresses of modern life. With all the teeth-gnashing stress of our current times, we have been keeping our collective ears open and listening for signs of which trip will suffer and which will benefit (and hoping that both are not sacrificed).

Our initial observations are that folks are forfeiting their family spring break vacation and using that part of their annual budget for their summer vacation. So far, we are seeing that there are fewer clients planning spring break vacations this year. We are also seeing that the average cost of our clients’ summer vacations is higher than last year. And our clients are still taking RV trips to stunning destinations like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons or Yosemite. They are also heading to western Canada since the the exchange rate is so favorable compared to last year. And we have some clients that are taking advantage of using an SUV or minivan rental and staying in unique lodges or hotels.

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