Tourist Trap

Using one of our trip consultants to plan your RV vacation will cost slightly more than making your own vacation plans.  Keep in mind that not only is your time valuable, but also the fact that we have been planning RV trips to the National Parks for fourteen years now!  We know the most experienced guides, the best activities, and the most desirable campsites, all factors that will make your national park experience an exceptional one.   We will make the most of your time, steering you clear of tourist traps and possible pitfalls while making sure you see off-the-beaten-path places and sights the average visitor will miss.  Our clients traveling to Yellowstone (whose visitation has set all-time records this year!) are consistently delighted with the private tour.  This intimate tour provides a better understanding and appreciation of the park’s wonders, and is custom-tailored to each family.


When you call one of our trip consultants, allow at least half an hour of your time and be prepared to field a considerable number of questions.  Why?  In order to personalize your itinerary, we need to know a lot about you – your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, how athletic you (and your travel companions) are, and expectations for your trip.  The more we know the easier the planning process will be.


Be honest and thorough in your responses, as it will help us to better customize your trip.  If there are things about your past travels that you disliked, or specific things that you would like incorporated into this vacation, do tell us.   And don’t be afraid to divulge your budget.  We can often find ways to meet most of your needs, especially when you book your trip for 2011 now and take advantage of early-bird deals.  If you prefer to travel in style and require extra amenities and services, let us know that as well.  Be assured that we will work with you on an individual basis to make your RV vacation the very best it can be.