It’s great to see when our clients use the power of technology to document what a great time they’ve had on their Tracks & Trails driving adventure.  Many use personal blogs, Flickr, Picasa or other sites to create personal journals of their trips.  Some even include video.  From time to time, we’ll be posting client experiences here in our blog in order to give you an idea of what you can expect while on the road.


The Boxers & the Lufranos are two couples that took the Exploring the Southwest’s Canyons and Lake Powell trip this past September.  While we work mostly with families, these guys are a great example of folks that we love to work with because their travel schedules can be a little bit more flexible since they don’t have to travel during the summer.  I won’t steal any of their thunder by reposting any of their pictures.  Check out their blog to find all the details!