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Our team loves to provide travel advisors with all the information and tools they need to sell our trips. Our unique, self-drive itineraries in western national parks will offer your clients a unique, enriching, fun experience that will further endear them to you, as their travel advisor!

To start, please see the information that follows. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of our team at (800) 247-0970 or simply fill out the form below.


We happily provide referral fees to travel advisors that refer clients to us.
Our referral fee for Travel Agents is 15% of our Planning Fee after a client books and pays the deposit (all our other charges, such as RV rentals, hotels, etc. are pass-through charges and thus not commissionable). Plus, we’ll continue to pay you commission when the satisfied client comes back again and again to book additional future trips with us too. Our planning fee is tiered based on time of the year. You can see the pricing matrix, and the commission structure, below, while you can also see how our pricing works overall HERE.

Super Early BirdEarly BirdMid SeasonLate Season
Book byBefore Oct. 27Oct. 28-Dec. 15Dec. 16–Feb. 28March 1 or later
Your commission:$29.85/night$36.75/night$44.25/night$51.75/night
Your commission for an 8-night trip:$238.80$294$354$414
Your commission for a 13-night trip:$388.05$477.75$575.25$672.75


Our itineraries are wonderfully intricate so we really need to be in direct contact with our clients. That means that you simply need to ‘hand off’ your client to us for booking. You connect us with your client, perhaps book their airfare for them (we don’t book air), and then we take care of the rest! Simple (and easy too).

First, just work with your clients to choose their perfect itinerary from our website. Then they can fill out the form below, or give us a call, or you can connect us directly via email. Please note, however, that we start booking our trips for next year each September (and some of the best camping sites, and best parks, sell out early)!

As for the booking process for your client, here’s a linear version:

  • First, your client expresses interest in a T&T trip
  • Our staff creates a proposal for the client’s review (pricing on this proposal is generally only good for a few business days, FYI)
  • Client accepts trip proposal, sends deposit (40% of total) and agent officially hands client over to T&T staff
  • T&T staff invoice client for the balance, which is due 60 days prior to departure
  • After receipt of the final payment, T&T sends the client their Adventure Kit
  • Then client then has a brilliant time on their fantastic T&T adventure!
  • After the trip is complete, we pay the agent’s commission via ACH (direct deposit) using

Why work with Tracks & Trails?

Unique Experience – Our unique, self-drive itineraries in western national parks will offer your clients a unique, enriching, fun experience that will further endear them to you, as their travel advisor.

Turnkey Solution – Once you connect us with your client (and perhaps book their airfare too), then we take care of them from arrival to departure. So your part of this relationship is simple and easy. We promise professional, personalized service from the first introduction to the last of the farewells.

Additional Commissions – And don’t forget that on top of T&T’s commissions, you could earn additional commission off any additional add-ons that you sell yourself (outside the Tracks & Trails itinerary – for example; air, additional nights before/after the T&T itinerary, etc.).

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