Big families have to plan ahead all the time. If you have more than three children in your family, you know that as a parent you have the equivalent of a degree in logistics. Getting the kids here and there between school, play dates, soccer practice, shopping, family stuff, more sports, band practice and tons of other stuff qualifies any parent to organize a major symposium.

When we work with a larger family, our biggest concern is always related to the size of the RV. Normally we can find a rental RV that can accomodate seven passengers (2 adults and 5 children). While these quarters may be a little tight for larger families, we have found that the larger RV’s are spacious enough for a good size group that’s used to being close.

There are also newer RV’s that actually have a set of bunk beds. The bunk bed lengths are around 72′, so kids that are shorter than 5’6′ will fit just fine. And one of our RV rental connections actually has an RV that they say can accomodate 10! This would be very unusual and we would probably only recommend this vehicle for eight because sleeping 10 would be VERY tight (we would probably suggest a tent and a couple of sleeping bags for the bigger kids).


And since we know that big families are always very busy, we help take the load of planning a big trip off your hands and do our best to ensure everyone’s wants and desires are not only met but exceeded. And with everyone’s eyes on their budgets, you’ll find that RV vacations can be some of the most affordable out there. Talk to a Tracks & Trails trip consultant to find out more, toll free at 800-247-0970.