We get this question (or some version of it) all the time – especially during these tough economic times – how much are you charging us for your time and what do I get for it?

Sometimes folks think that all we do is reserve campgrounds. We do so much more than that!

We have been planning RV road trips for over 10 years and know the best places to stay at the right time of year and customized to your family’s wants and desires. We work with over a dozen different RV rental companies, over 400 campgrounds and over 300 outfitters so that we can create an amazing once-in-a-lifetime vacation for you and your family.

Above all, we listen. In the planning phase we take into account who you are and what are your interests. Behind the scenes we discuss what would be the best route and what will be the fun experiences you will want along the route. All that information ends up in your Adventure Kit. You’ll get tips about traveling by RV, a detailed day-by-day custom itinerary, vouchers for all the components of your trip, hand-traced maps of your route with highlights of things to see and do, and folders of each major destination with our proprietary More Abouts (detailed mini-travel guides) including brochures and magazines of the area (we have tested and researched this extra material so that it is not only informative but relavant to your trip).

Many of our clients have told us that their Adventure Kit is their ‘bible’ on their trip. That’s a great compliment and tells us that between the planning efforts and the Adventure Kit, that we more than earn our extra charge. A Tracks & Trails road trip adventure is self-guided and we do our best to provide you with all that you’ll need to have a great trip to a National park, state beach or other amazing destination.

If you have any questions, don’t give it a second thought and call 1-800-247-0970 and talk to one of our trip consultants to find out if a Tracks & Trails custom road trip is for you!