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Mount Rushmore, Black Hills & Devils Tower
Trip Details:
  • 8 Nights
  • June to September
  • Denver
  • $5,700* per RV
*Pricing varies. See Trip Pricing for more information.


Highlights :
  • Take a ranger-guided hike and see granite portraits of Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, and Lincoln, or simply enjoy the nightly lighting ceremony at Mount Rushmore
  • View the wagon ruts made by pioneers heading west on the Oregon Trail seeking a better life
  • Gaze upwards at Bears Lodge, a sacred site of worship for many American Indians. We know it as Devils Tower, a nearly vertical 2,367 foot monolith
  • Go underground into the vast caves systems at Wind Cave and Jewel Cave in the Black Hills
  • Check out the remains of mammoths from the Ice Age, and try your hand at a simulated paleontology dig
  • Take in some history of the Wild West at Fort Laramie and Fort Fetterman
  • See wild horses, bison (buffalo) and begging burros


Average Daily Temps :

Black Hills603479516636
Devils Tower633383516735

This trip is perfect for anyone interested in America’s history, from forts to huge rock carvings of historical figures. Starting from Denver at the edge of the Rocky Mountains, you’ll travel up to Wyoming to view the tracks of the pioneers who risked it all to get to Oregon by covered wagon. Then it’s off to the Black Hills, exploring mammoth sites and caves along the way. Watch the lights turn on at Mount Rushmore, view the work-in-process Crazy Horse Monument, then see nature’s sculptures at Devils Tower in Wyoming before returning to Denver.

“We just had an absolutely wonderful time! This was a vacation of a lifetime. The kids loved the RV, and the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. Tracks and Trails made this overwhelming trip easy. I just couldn’t have done it without all of your help!””


– The Glavin Family, Massachusetts


Denver – 1 night: Denver, known as mile high city, is the capital of Colorado and the beginning of your journey.

Guernsey State Park – 1 night: Take a self-guided stroll along the Historic Oregon Trail.

Hot Springs, SD – 1 night: Experience warm-water springs or visit the famous Mammoth Site.

Black Hills, SD – 3 nights: The Black Hills feature mountain peaks, gorges and spectacular canyons to explore. Mount Rushmore is a well-recognized symbol of democracy, and a beloved National Memorial and is close by. A variety of ranger-led tours of the Wind Cave and Jewel Cave are available.

Devils Tower National Monument – 1 night: Devils Tower, also known as Bears Lodge, is a towering monolith that attracts not only climbers, but American Indians who consider it a sacred site.

Cheyenne – 1 night: Spend your last night in the capital of Wyoming – Cheyenne, home of the infamous Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Denver – Drive to Denver to catch your return flight.

Optional Add-On Activities
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