Last October we told you about bargains in Canada and guess what? They are still around!!!

We are seeing the availability RVs drying up around the end of July and beginning of August, but there is plenty of opportunity to take a fabulous vacation at a 20% discount when compared to last year. The currency exchange rates are still VERY favorable for Americans wanting to travel to Canada and we have the itineraries made just for you!

Check out the Northern Rockies & Western Canada region on our website. There are a bunch of great reasons (other than the cost savings) to travel to Canada this summer:

  1. The pace is a little bit slower.
  2. It’s a lot less crazy.
  3. We have access to high quality RVs.
  4. It’s less commercial than its southern neighbor
  5. There are unbelievable destinations like Lake Louise (see the picture) and Tofino.
  6. You get to see glaciers in the summer & majestic fjords on the Pacific Ocean.
  7. It’s less crowded.
  8. And more!!!

Give us a ring at 800-247-0970 and talk to one of our trip consultants about an affordable, family vacation to the national parks of western Canada.