I love living in Western Colorado where you can head off in any direction and find yourself in a variety of environments. Each place is unique and individually stunning in its own right. (Being prepared for just about anything is a packing mantra of mine!)


It’s hot here in our arid desert home–dry they say, but scorching hot and it sucks the air right out of you. The pristine Colorado Mountains beckoned us with promises of cool mountain air, wildflowers, pine and granite. We packed up our SUV, threw in our golf clubs and headed UP for a weekend adventure.


Leadville was as high as we could get, 10,152 feet. Seventy degrees…..perfect! At 9,680 feet, Mt. Massive is the highest golf course in North America. The sheer scale of this mountain is humbling – Mt. Massive is Colorado’s second highest peak (14,421 feet) its hulking shape dominating the Sawatch Range‘s silhouette west of Leadville. It’s a moderately easy climb I am told, and someday it will be checked off on my list of conquered Colorado Fourteeners.


If you find golf relaxing and would like to include a few rounds on your family RV trip, we would be happy to see where we can make your itinerary flexible enough to allow some play. We know of a few gems, so give us a call and let us help you plan your next RV/golf vacation!