In August, our Operations Coordinator, Crystal, set out from her home of Grand Junction and travelled 711 miles over the course of a week throughout beautiful Colorado! She visited most of the stops on our Rocky Mountain & Central Colorado trip, including Durango, Leadville, Frisco, Breckenridge and Redstone. In addition to the high mileage she packed onto the T&T RV, she visited 6 campgrounds to make sure we are sending our clients to the best of the best. This also allows us to stay connected with the campground hosts and scope out the best sites in the campground.

One of Crystal’s favorite stops was Leadville. The campground our clients visit sits on the shore of Turquoise Lake – it’s stunning! There is a hiking/biking trail around the lake that is easily accessible from the campground and has great views of the lake and mountains in the distance.

Turquoise Lake at sunset

While in Leadville, she also hiked to Windsor Lake. It’s a tough, steep hike that gains a lot of elevation (after starting at an already high elevation!), but it ends at a beautiful alpine lake. Plus, they never saw another person on the hike so it felt extra special.

Hike to Windsor Lake

Another favorite was Frisco, where they rode their bikes from the campground in Frisco to breakfast one morning and then from there to a trail head for a short hike. The bike path is across the street from the campground and goes to both Frisco and Breckenridge with multiple hiking trails along the path, and of course great views.

Bike ride to Frisco

We always love discovering new things to show our clients while on these scouting trips. Crystal discovered a new hike on a portion of the Colorado Trail directly from the campground in Frisco!

Last but not least, these scouting trips are always a reminder to our staff of the type of trips we send our clients on. We plan them, but sometimes it’s a different experience to actually, well, experience it. So we like to ask what advice do you offer to our clients after being on a T&T trip. Crystal’s advice sounds simple, but it definitely rings true:

Don’t forget to enjoy the drive between destinations! Plan for stops – scenic overlooks, short hikes, etc.


Curious to know more about this trip? Read about our Rocky Mountain and Central Colorado RV trip, or contact us now to speak with us directly!