If you are planning on traveling to Zion National Park this summer (and if so, you’re one of almost 3 million people who choose this destination each year!), expect to see some construction in the park.  What are those jokes about construction – Winter, Spring, and construction?  Never mind.  It’s true, but very necessary in this case. 


The Zion Tunnel has not had any major infrastructure renovation since 1930, so it’s time.  Expect delays and be aware that if you are driving an RV you will need an escort through the tunnel.  And this is not just while construction is ongoing; for safety all vehicles 7’10” in width and 11’ 4” in height or larger require an escort.  An additional $15 fee must be paid at the entrance for this permit, where tunnel escort hours are posted.  The construction should run between June 1 and October 28 of this year, so be prepared.  There will be some daytime closures, except on weekends and holidays.  The road will be graded gravel in the work sections and the surface may be uneven.  Please use caution and low speeds in these areas.  Bicyclists will not be allowed on the roadway for the duration of the project.  When complete, the road will be asphalt, but will be chip sealed to regain the red color for which it is famous.


Alternate routes of travel between Zion Canyon and U.S Highway 89 are Utah State Route 59 from Hurricane, Utah to Arizona State Route 389 (better for large vehicles) or Utah State Route 14 from Cedar City, Utah to Long Valley Junction (high elevation/steep grades). During the construction period, travelers may want to consider using one of these roads between Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon or Grand Canyon National Parks Monday through Friday 9:00am-4:00pm.  For updated information, Call 435-772-3256 (press 1, then 4) or visit the park website at www.nps.gov/zion.