It’s that time of year when we send our staff out to our destinations for scouting trips, aka Road Crew (we have to say, it’s one of our favorite times of the year!). This allows us to make improvements to our itineraries, meet with our partners, look for new activities and check that we are giving our clients the best they can get in the area.

In August, Trip Consultant and Reservation Guru, Lisa, hopped in Dan’s RV and headed to Glacier, Yellowstone and Grand Teton. She battled a hail storm on her way there, checked out 20 different campsites, and even met 8 Tracks & Trails families that were out on their trips!

One highlight for her was Yellowstone National Park. From the thermal features, hot spots and mud springs to the beautiful colors and vast hiking experiences. She was blown away by the wildlife, and loved walked along the beach of Yellowstone Lake. With an RV, she was able to pull over whenever she saw a beautiful spot (which was often) and have a picnic. She walked a path almost all the way down to Old Faithful, turned around, and every thermal feature erupted as she walked by them on her way back. Does it get cooler than that?


She kept herself (VERY) busy with activities ranging from the Many Glacier Boat Tour in Glacier National Park, a 10 mile scenic float in Jackson, WY, and even a “Last Chance Train Tour” in Helena, MT. She could go on and on about her favorites (trust us, on and on), but here are her top highlights:

-The full day private, guided tour in Yellowstone National Park where she hiked to waterfalls and more, and ate huckleberries and raspberries right off the bush

-Walking through Virginia City, MT; the historical buildings and all the antiques and relics they contained in the city were fascinating

-Whitewater rafting adventure in Jackson

-Good people and good fun

We asked her for her top tips to pass along to our Tracks & Trails families. Here is what she said:

1)  Relax. You’re on vacation – have fun! You never know what you’re going to find.

2)  You can’t always rely on GPS – a good map is a good backup so you don’t miss a turn 🙂

3)  Explore, explore, explore! And keep an open mind if you need a plan B. Life isn’t always predictable.

4)  Take in a sunrise/sunset


Her itinerary included Cody, Red Lodge, Great Falls, Glacier National Park, Helena, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Jackson Hole.

Curious to know more about this Tracks & Trails trip? Read more here or contact us and Lisa will personally tell you how awesome her trip was!