We thought we’d get at least a partial staff picture here so that you could put a name with a face. I’m taking the picture and Dan & Sheri are out and about, so we’re not in this one. And that’s okay, since most of our clients will be interested in who they talk to the most. From the left, it’s Nancy, Karen, Shannon, Lisa and Ann. Nancy is currently performing product development and trip consulting. If you traveled with us this past year, chances are that Nancy had a big say in how the itinerary was planned. Karen and Shannon are both trip consultants. Shannon is also known as a ‘Travel Guru’. Their primary function is to be the main contact for our clients. They do their best to make sure that your trip is fun and exciting! Lisa fills two roles in that she is an ‘Adventure Advisor’ and ‘Reservations Diva’. In addition to providing clients with trip consulting, she makes sure that everyone’s travel plans actually happen when and where they are supposed to happen. Ann is our office manager and bookkeeper. She has been filling two roles as well. First and foremost, she pays all the bills and there’s a ton of them in the course of a year. She also has been very instrumental in creating each Adventure Kit. For more on the Adventure Kits, check out our website. We’ll put more pictures up on the blog soon! Including a big group shot from our company trip to Moab last April!