If you have the time, want to miss the crowds and like the weather a little cooler, then maybe you should be thinking of taking that ‘summer’ vacation in September or October. Both are great months to travel to beat the crowds, beat the heat and feel like you have the National parks all to yourself. We have found that for families that homeschool their children, traveling after Labor Day is a great time to create an awesome field trip and a vacation at the same time. And for those folks that would be traveling without children, most campgrounds are a bit quieter and hiking trails are a bit more deserted. While there may be a few outfitters that have closed up shop for the year, we think that you’ll find a wonderful experience just waiting for you.


Last year I was in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks for 11 days in September. Yes, it was a little chilly at night, but warmed up nicely to still be able to wear shorts, hike, whitewater raft or just relax by the river. Or you could take a great picture of a bull moose hanging out at Ox Bow Bend in the Grand Teton National Park. We also have found that Yosemite and the Grand Canyon are also great destinations in September and October (althought the North Rim campground at the Grand Canyon usually closes by mid-October).