We read the papers, watch TV news and read many articles in the travel trade and the general media and it’s obvious that the nation is worried about the economy. And yet, many believe that taking a vacation every year is their ‘birthright’. So how do you consider all the options for a vacation and try to pinch a few pennies? We consistently see and hear that RV vacations are not only cheaper but bring together a family in the great outdoors. We just received an email from our friends at Cruise America with some great information:

  • A travel research firm reports that a typical family of four can save anywhere from 23 to 70 percent on vacation costs when they travel in an RV, depending on the distance and duration of the trip.

We find that the savings occurs because: 1) you are cooking for yourself as opposed eating out in restaurants and 2) the cost of hotel rooms in and around the National Parks versus the cost of renting an RV and staying in campgrounds.

  • The benefits don’t end with your family budget. 70 percent of RV owners said they were more physically active on RV vacations than other trips, while 60 percent said they eat healthier.

While this is true of RV owners, we can say that this is definitely the same for RV renters as well. Our clients report to us through surveys and even their own blogs that they were very active through a variety of excursions including hiking, rafting, canyoneering, horseback riding and fishing. And remember what I said above about cooking for yourself? It seems pretty obvious that if you shop for your own food, you won’t eat fast food for sure! And in the National Parks it’s hard to find any fast food restaurants anyway!