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Bryce Canyon National Park RV Vacation

About Bryce Canyon National Park

Utah is just full of the most amazing scenery and while Arches National Park is famous for its sandstone arches, visitors come to Bryce Canyon National Park to see the impressive stone hoodoos.

A hoodoo is a tall column of sandstone, usually with a harder rock sitting right on the top. The top stone has prevented centuries of rain from eroding the stone under it, leaving these bizarre structures that look like they’re wearing hats. Even their name sounds fun! You can find hoodoos around the world, but no place else is like Bryce Canyon; there are so many of them here that you feel like you’re walking through a stone maze.

There are a number of trails through the park, some more strenuous than others. Serious hikers will love the Fairyland Loop, but families with children might want to stick with the Queen’s Garden. The Under-the-Rim trail twists along for more than 20 miles through the labyrinth.

For panoramic views, head up to Rainbow Point or Sunset Point to get that perfect vacation photo.  You can hop on one of the park shuttle buses that takes you between various overlook points. For the most amazing photos, the rocks look their best at sunset.

Once you’ve hiked to your heart’s content, take a load off your feet and experience the park from horseback, or enjoy the thrill of seeing even more of the Bryce Canyon area on a bicycle. Either way, we’d be happy to help you get a ride.

Interesting Facts About Bryce Canyon National Park

  • The area was named after Ebenezer Bryce, a Morman pioneer who had a homestead nearby.
  • Bryce Canyon isn’t actually a canyon.