One thing that we want to tell you about when considering using Tracks & Trails – the vast experience of our staff. When you look at the area where we offer itineraries, it’s pretty big.

Sometimes our clients have no idea how big it is. Just to give you a basic idea – from Seattle to San Diego is 1,255 miles, from San Francisco to Rapid City is 1,395 miles and Vancouver to Calgary is 970 kilometers (or about 600 miles). Now we usually recommend to keep daily travel to about 100 miles a day. This allows for plenty of time to sightsee, take an excursion, set up camp, maybe get in a hike, get your meals together and just have some time to relax – remember it’s your vacation! When you have your list of ‘must-see’s’, it sure helps to get some assistance from our staff. If they haven’t been there, someone in the office has. We’ve either camped there, driven through there or even lived in some of the places you’ll visit. And the best part is that we listen to what you, your family or group want to do, see and experience before we make any recommendations. We’ll probably start with some of the itineraries from our website and then customize it to meet your needs.

And we get all kinds of folks traveling the Tracks & Trails way – the traditional 2 adult families, older couples without kids, one parent families with children, multiple families, family reunions, friends traveling together and business people extending business trips to vacation with their families. All have the same idea in mind – get outdoors, see the National and state parks and enjoy great times together.

So, bottom line, take advantage of our personal experience along with all the experiences of our clients. Our vast knowledge will help you short-cut the planning and worry in planning a great vacation!