The benefits of taking an RV trip are many: Families are able to spend quality time together; people are afforded much greater convenience and affordability in a recreational vehicle; adults and kids can camp in comfort, while still maintaining closeness to the great outdoors—truly, the reasons to travel by RV are endless.

One of our favorite considerations, however, is how RV adventures can deepen families’ appreciation of nature and help them learn how to enjoy the outdoors—especially for those who live in big cities and don’t have the opportunity for outdoor recreation. Think of an RV trip as the stepping stone to the outdoors: You get most, if not all, of the benefits of an outdoor vacation while still having the amenities you desire.

Below are some ways that families can use RVs to enjoy outdoor spaces (especially for non-outdoorsy people).

man and woman sitting outside RV at campground during duskEase of travel

During a car camping vacation, many people might set up their tents in one or two campgrounds and stay local to that region—heavily limiting their ability to see more than just their immediate surroundings. Setting up and taking down camp every few days takes time away from hiking more trails, splashing in more swimming holes, or horseback riding through more mountains.

RV camping offers families the flexibility to pick up and go as they please. You don’t have to pack and unpack constantly, and you can keep items neatly organized and stored—which comes in handy when your family gets the urge to squeeze in one more activity before you leave the national park!

Note: Tracks & Trails will reserve all your campsites and hotel rooms in advance, so you’ll never need to worry about finding a place to park or sleep. 

Mini-house on wheels

RV camping really refers to “camping without roughing it.” You’ll sleep in a comfortable bed, have access to a kitchen, and enjoy a private bathroom. You’ll even be able to control your climate—all with the great outdoors just steps from your door.

Similar to your own backyard, many RV campgrounds have family-friendly amenities like a picnic table, fire ring, and scenic river and tree-filled setting. An RV camping experience provides your family with room to roam, as they won’t be stuck inside a tent or confined to the small boundaries of tent camping sites.

woman and two young girls eating meal inside RVIndoor kitchen, outdoor dining room

The beauty of an RV kitchen is that you save money while being able to plan the menu that works best for your family. Stocking your RV with groceries and having access to a refrigerator and microwave offers much more control over eating meals when you want—without the wait, hassle, or extra expense of having to eat out every day.

In nice weather, most families choose to prepare their meals inside but set up their dining spaces outside so they can enjoy the view and fresh air, and even make friends with the neighbors. Even on rainy days, RVs with awnings still allow parents and kids to take advantage of their outdoor space while being protected from the elements.

Make friends, get recommendations

RV campers are typically a friendly bunch. Need to borrow a cup of sugar? Ran out of toilet paper? It’s likely one of your neighbors will be happy to oblige. Plus, you’ll find that more seasoned RV travelers are often more than happy to provide recommendations on which trails are the most kid-friendly, or which local grocery store has the best supplies. You’ll meet people from all over the world; these impromptu friendships make already unforgettable memories even more special.

man relaxing inside RV with a mountain viewEverything has a view

In a hotel, you may be relegated to whatever view the hotel staff assigned you to: a parking lot, the side of a building, an unsightly alley. With an RV’s wide windshield and ample windows, regardless of whether you’re driving, sitting in the dinette, or laying down in the bedroom (perhaps even taking care of business in the loo!), recreational vehicles offer expansive, panoramic views of your surroundings. You’ll never need to worry about missing a wildlife appearance or view of mountain peaks!

Longer recreation season

For all but the hardcore outdoor recreationalists, camping is usually limited to late spring, summer, and early fall—when hiking weather is at its most pleasant. After all, it’s much harder to get your kids excited about being in the outdoors when they’ve already had to sleep on the ground in a tent in 30-degree weather or a rainstorm.

With RV camping, you have a spacious, temperature-controlled shelter, complete with amenities, to escape to if the weather turns ugly. Stock your RV with board games and cards, headphones, and tablets with downloaded movies, and your kids will be set as you wait out any unexpected rain or snow. Without unpleasant weather ruining your trip, your kids will be much more enthusiastic once the sun comes out and it’s time to explore!

Note: Tracks & Trails has options so you can choose the RV that’s right for your family. We’ll provide detailed guidance in every area you visit and will ensure that your RV is stocked with “household” basics like pots, pans, bed linens, and towels, We’ll also provide a comprehensive list of items to purchase to make sure you have everything you need. We will also make recommendations when there’s a can’t-miss restaurant in the area! 

Parking an RV at a national park campsite puts phenomenal trails, long-range views, possible wildlife viewings, and so much more right at your doorstep. We fully believe the experience deepens everyone’s appreciation for nature (without sacrificing the comforts of home). Call Tracks & Trails today at 800-247-0970 to plan your next family vacation!

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