Hi, T&T Family!

As we head into our 2020 season, we want to tell you about some changes we have made to how we price our trips. Until now, the true cost of your T&T vacation was a bit of a mystery until you talked to your Trip Consultant and went through all of the details. We think it should be easier than that.

Beginning today, the exact price for each trip will be published on our website. No hidden fees. No surprises. It’s all right there! 

Before you ever send us an email or pick up the phone to call, you will know the cost of the trip for up to 4 people, no matter your start date or the type of RV you prefer. If you have more than 4 people, you pay a simple flat fee for each extra person, up to 7 total in the US and 6 total in Canada, the maximum allowable in a single RV. As before, you will enjoy a significant discount if you book early. 

Each trip page looks a little something like this:


The price you see includes:

-Fully-Equipped RV Rental — Your Trip Consultant will help you determine which one is the best fit

-First Night Hotel Accommodations

-Campground Reservations

-Personalized Adventure Kit 

-Personal Trip Consultant to take care of all the details

NEW: An annual National Parks Pass


As before, your trip price will not include:

-Airfare To/From your Starting City

-Fuel for the RV

-Excess RV Mileage and Generator Usage Fees

-Meals, Groceries, Souvenirs

-Park Entrance Fees (if not covered by the National Parks pass)

-Admission to Non-Prepaid Attractions



Optional Activities = Pricing Varies

Just like before, each trip has a carefully curated selection of optional activities from our trusted suppliers. Details are on the website, including the additional cost. Keep it bare-bones or load it up; it’s completely up to you. To give you a ballpark, most clients spend between $100 and $500 per person on activities.

Extra Night at Existing Campsite = $450/night for most trips 

If you have the time, adding an extra night or two at one or more of the camping destinations included in your trip is highly recommended! You get an extra night’s RV rental and an extra night at one of our favorite campgrounds. Exact pricing can be found on the website.

Class A RV Option = Pricing Varies

Most people choose a Class C RV for its more manageable size and familiar driving feel. But if you have some experience with bigger rigs and want to try a Class A RV instead (think bus), it’ll cost a little more, but we are happy to take care of this. See website for exact cost.



Our discount structure may look different, but don’t worry, we still have them!

On each trip page, we will tell you how much your trip costs if you book by a certain date (October 15, December 15, January 15, and after January 15). No numbers to crunch, no percentages, it’s just right there for you. It’s simple: the earlier you book, the more you save!

Our Return Client Discount is now $200 off per trip you have taken with us previously. So, if this is your second trip with us, you’ll get $200 off. If this is your third trip with us, you’ll get $400 off, and so on.



There is no way around it, July and August are the busiest times of the year for travel. During this time, all of our suppliers’ prices are higher, and therefore ours are, too. On most trips, you will see two prices – Standard and Peak. Peak pricing is for trips beginning any day in July or August. Book any other time of the year and you’ll save. 



We have spent 20+ years traveling around the country and planning trips to the best places in the West. We have carefully crafted (and are constantly refining) 16 routes that we believe are pretty close to perfect. But we also know that you may have something different in mind, like adding an additional stop or replacing one park with another. We are happy to create a custom itinerary for you, but since it will require more attention from one of our senior Trip Consultants, it will cost extra.

If the route you would like to take differs from our advertised routes, we will charge a Custom Trip Fee of $450/night, in addition to your trip cost.


Explore our trips and check out the new pricing for yourself. Any questions? Just reach out!

When you are ready to book your next vacation, it’s simple — just contact us or fill out our Trip Proposal Form, and we’ll get started on making your reservations! We can’t wait to have you join us, whether this is your first time or your fifth!