Although the kids are back in school, and camping may be drawing to a close for this season, planning for next year’s destinations has just begun.  When those cold evenings set in, how about settling in with the family to enjoy a good movie about – you guessed it – camping?  Here are a few of our recommendations:

RV (Runaway Vacation) 2006, PG

If you’ve taken one of our RV camping trips in a rental RV, this movie starring Robin Williams as Bob Munro will hit home with its hilarious antics.  The family (complete with two rebellious teenagers) sets off for the Rockies. The parking brake is damaged as they back out of the driveway and the mishaps begin.  As the trip progresses, the family’s interactions improve, rendering some heart-touching moments.  The soundtrack of the movie will be enjoyed by all.

The Great Outdoors 1988, PG

This is a classic movie about the desire to “get away from it all” and enjoy a peaceful family vacation.  Unfortunately, Chet Ripley (the late, great John Candy) finds anything but peace and quiet in this rollicking adventure.  Dan Aykroyd is Roman Craig, Chet’s brother-in-law, and when he and his family show up the adventures begin.

National Lampoon’s Vacation 1983, R

A family drives cross-country for a dream trip to Wally World in a hideous wood-paneled station wagon (“The Family Truckster”).   Chevy Chase plays the well-intentioned but bumbling father (Clark Griswold), and like all of the Vacation movies, everything that can possibly go wrong for the Griswold family does.

The Long, Long Trailer 1954, NR

This is a timeless film that features Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as a honeymooning couple in an oversized camping trailer.   Fellow campers will relate to the misadventures they encounter, with side-splitting scenes that the entire family will appreciate.

Hopefully these movies will inspire you to start planning next summer’s RV camping vacation.  The trip consultants at Tracks & Trails are busy putting together trips for 2011.  The earlier you plan your trip, the more likely you will be to get the prime camping sites and best rates.  So, if you are thinking of taking a National Park RV vacation with Tracks & Trails, book soon to get the best deals that are out there. We pass on our savings to you, so give us a call now (800-247-0970).