GC N RimIf you plan to be at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on August 11 or 12, you are invited to attend the 18th annual Native American Heritage Days.  The rich cultural diversity of the Colorado plateau, the Arizona Strip and the Grand Canyon will begin with a nature walk on Thursday, August 11, and end with a special evening program on Friday, August 12.

Native American Heritage Days began in 1993 as “Paiute Days” which celebrated the Paiute as the last Native American group to occupy the North Rim of what would become Grand Canyon National Park.  Since 1997, eleven Native American tribes who maintain strong cultural connections to the canyon are included.

Special programs will be offered by tribal and non-tribal members on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from ethno-botany to Native American flute playing and dance.  A full list of event activities is available at the North and South Rim visitor centers.  Support for this event is provided by the Grand Canyon Association, Forever Resorts, Flagstaff Area Parks and Pipe Spring National Monument.

For additional information on Native American Heritage Days, please contact District Interpretive Ranger, Robin Tellis, at 928-638-7739.