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Black Hills RV Vacation

About Black Hills

There is a lot more than just amazing scenery in the Black Hills; there are several famous man-made monuments there that you cannot miss. Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse carving are the two biggest, so don’t forget that camera!

Mount Rushmore probably doesn’t need much explanation, since it’s one of the best known monuments in the country. The heads of 4 former US presidents have been carved right into the side of Harney Peak, creating a 60-foot high sculpture. Immortalized in granite are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. For the best overall views and photos you’ll want to stand at a distance.

Crazy Horse is another monument being carved in stone and is still unfinished. It’s larger than Rushmore, or it will be when it’s finished! If completed, it will show Lakota Chief Crazy Horse astride a horse. Currently, only his face and part of his arm are finished, so now’s the time to take a few “work-in-progress” photos.

After you’ve seen the monuments, get out and try some of the many activities that the area has to offer. You can go rock climbing, hiking, fishing, or swimming. Legion Lake is particularly good if you want to enjoy a cooling swim! Watch some wild horses, burros, and herds of bison, or go underground for a tour of Wind Cave. There are Jeep tours and horseback rides available, both of which we’d be happy to arrange for you.

InterestingFacts About Black Hills

  • The highest point of the Black Hills is Harney Peak, which is 7,242 feet above sea level.
  • Devils Tower, the famous huge monolithic rock is considered part of the Black HIlls even though it is actually located in Wyoming.