As of 10:15 this morning, the Telegraph fire is 20% contained, yet firefighting is difficult due to the terrain. Hwy 140 is partially open. The lastest maps show that this road is the most threatened and CalTrans is suggesting motorists to use alternate routes. All of our clients visiting this area do not use Hwy 140 because of damage from a landslide incident that occured some time ago. Hwy 120 that enters Yosemite from the west (Groveland and the SF Bay Area) and Hwy 41 that enters from the south (Fresno) are both open. The park is open as well despite smokey conditions.

We do not see any reason to reroute any clients at this time or change campground reservations. Here’s a live webcam from the Evergreen Lodge. They are located on the western border of Yosemite on Hwy 120.

The earthquake in the LA area yesterday did not appear to do any damage to freeway bridges or other roads. Any of our clients traveling in the LA area should only have to deal with the normal traffic congestion that occurs daily.