Research is confirming that spending time in nature is essential for children.  Children who directly experience the natural world are healthier in every  way – intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically.  Their outdoor experiences shape how they interact with the natural world as adults.  Will a child want to help save an eagle if she has never seen a robin?  If a child has not put his feet in a stream, will he care if it is protected?  Today’s children need to forge a connection with the natural world that sustains them – the future of our planet is depending on them!


Knowing that nature is so beneficial to the development of our children, wouldn’t you like to get your kids excited about nature?  The California State Parks website,  has developed a great tool to get kids interested in nature, right in their own neighborhood.  Activities include:  Start a Nature Journal, A Poem for a Poppy or a Story for a Salamander, Who Eats What,  Making “Sense” of Nature, Go Buggy in your own Neighborhood, What Fine Feathers You Have!, and Star Light, Star Bright, The First Star I see Tonight…  Each of these activities has kid-friendly worksheets that can be printed and are full of fun and interesting information for your kids and will encourage them to get outside and explore their world.   


Additional activities can be found on the California State Parks site that you can enjoy together.  Coloring pages, puzzles, and games are available which teach your child about history, animals, and even park symbols.  The goal for parents should be that “no child is left inside!”  With that in mind, consider letting us plan your next family vacation, so that you and your children can experience the great outdoors together.