Death ValleyWhile most of the national parks are gearing down this time of year, Death Valley is gearing up for their high season.  The Inn at Furnace Creek opens on October 7 and is offering 20 percent off the regular rate during the week of October 7 through 13.  The Inn closes in mid-May.  Furnace Creek Resort is open year-round, and does have availability in October and November.  Campgrounds at lower elevations are open from October through April, with the exception of Furnace Creek, which is open year round.


Many improvements have been taking place at Death Valley.  The Furnace Creek Visitor Center and Museum is being remodeled to make it more visitor friendly and energy sustainable.  A new film is being made, museum exhibits are being replaced, and 50 new roadside exhibits are being added.  Completion is scheduled for the spring of 2012.


We often have clients inquire about taking an RV trip through Death Valley in the summer.  Average highs are 99 degrees by May, with temperatures averaging well over 100 through the end of September.  Most RV companies do not allow travel through Death Valley in summer because of these extreme temperatures.  Not only is it hard on the vehicle, but when temperatures are in the triple digits, it’s almost impossible to get out and explore the park.  Most summer visitors tour the major points of interest by car, but do little else.   The best months to visit are October through April, and it is relatively uncrowded – with a couple of exceptions.  49ers Encampment takes place the second week in November, the Thanksgiving holiday can be busy, and the period from Christmas to New Year’s Day is busier than normal.  But if you have been to Grand Canyon or Yellowstone, Death Valley NEVER sees that sort of crowding.  Our favorite time to visit is between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Springtime is also popular for wildflower viewing with peak blooms from late March to Early April.


If you’re interested in a fall or spring RV trip to Death Valley, call and have a chat with me or one of the other trip consultants at 800-247-0970 to start planning your desert getaway.