CanadaIt’s hard to believe but the summer is quickly winding down.  It’s been a busy travel season here at Tracks and Trails, and as we finish sending the last of our clients on their RV trips, our sights are turning to those clients who have already begun planning their 2012 trips.   These clients become 2012 trips for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps they are the type of person who is so organized that they begin planning next year’s trip a year in advance, or because they know the early bird gets the worm and they want to be the first in line for reservations.  Unfortunately, some of them are clients who wanted a 2011 trip but contacted us too late.   This scenario occurs more often than we would like, but if we can’t find availability of RVs and/or campgrounds to make for a spectacular trip, we suggest that it be postponed a year.


Many of our suppliers will begin accepting reservations for 2012 in just a few weeks.  Those clients that we are working with now will benefit by getting the best rates possible on RVs, as well as the best possible campsites along their desired route (and we really DO know which are the best sites)!   If you’re thinking about seeing the national parks by RV next year, it would be in your best interest to contact us sooner than later.  We don’t want to see you become a 2013 client when you really wanted to be a 2012 client.


Our staff has been out there enjoying the great outdoors and checking out a variety of locales this month.  The co-owners have traveled to Mt. St. Helens, Rainier, Olympic National Parks, and Canada, updating our information and adding new vendors.  Our Product Development Manager was lucky enough to win a trip to Canada, and has just returned with lots of new information on Jasper and Banff to share with our clients.  We hope that your travels this summer have been enjoyable, and that you’re already looking forward to planning your next vacation.  Give us a call (800) 247-0970 if you’d like to take advantage of our expertise in planning your national park vacation.