BodieIf you are a homeschooler, or if you just want to take an RV vacation that will be both fun and educational, check out National Geographic Xpeditions.


The site  includes a diverse array of lesson plans for kindergarten through grade 12, and includes activities that have been written by educators and tested in the classroom.  Most likely, you’ll learn something new yourself.  For instance, the lesson on Public Lands urges students to uncover “hidden histories” that are told by Native American legends, historical documents, or artifacts.  Did you know that Yosemite was protected by hundreds of African American soldiers at the beginning of the 19th century?  Many of these plans could be incorporated into your summer vacation and would enhance your visit to the area.


Another intriguing lesson is about the ghost town of Bodie, California.  Bodie State Historic Park is northeast of Yosemite, and is a genuine California gold-mining ghost town.  At its peak, it was California’s second largest town, with nearly 10,000 people at the height of the 1859 gold boom. Bodie is now being preserved in a state of “arrested decay” and 200 of its 2,000 original buildings remain, their interiors stocked with goods.   The lesson asks students to study Bodie (and what better way than to actually visit?), then apply their knowledge and geography skills to make predictions and plans for reviving the town.  Visit the website, to explore the various lesson plans.


If a Yosemite National Park vacation interests you, an excursion to Bodie would be a fascinating day trip for your family while you’re in the area.  Be aware that there are no gas stations, campsites or food services in Bodie, with the nearest services in nearby Bridgeport and Lee Vining.  Bodie is one of the country’s best-preserved ghost towns, and it just may inspire you to locate and visit more ghost towns throughout the West and discover their unique histories.


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