AirlinerIf your family plans on flying this year, you may want to try the following strategies to get the best possible prices on airline tickets.  Plan to spend some time searching the internet.  Sites like searches for the best fares, but they do not show every airline on their site (discount airlines like JetBlue or Southwest).  Look at airline web sites and travel sites like Expedia or Travelocity.  This does take some time and patience, but if you’re buying tickets for the entire family, your efforts will pay off by saving a significant amount of money.   Look at the web sites of the airlines flying to your destination city.  You can often find promotions or discounts there.  And also visit your destination city’s web site to find destination-specific travel deals.


When you are booking your airline, don’t forget to include the baggage fees to find the best total price.  Some airlines (JetBlue, Southwest) allow passengers to check one or two bags for free, and if you have a family, those savings can add up quickly.  Tuesday is generally the best day to book because many airlines release fare sales on Monday night.  Since discounted seats fill up fast, book those seats quickly!


As you’ve heard from us before, booking an RV early can save you money.  Likewise, booking flights early (at least a month in advance) can often save on airline tickets, especially if you plan to fly during peak travel periods.  Also keep in mind that weekday travel is usually less expensive, though it may not be the most convenient.


If you are allowing us to plan an RV vacation for you, let us make sure that an RV is available before you book your flights.  Then, if you find some cheap airfare, you can extend your RV for an extra day or add another excursion to your trip.