Once the summer starts to wind down, the crowds begin to disappear, the heat dissipates, and the taste of fall is in the air. Some would say this is their favorite time to go on vacation, and we can’t help but agree.

It’s no secret that National Parks are big attractions, and the crowds can get overwhelming in the summer months. Visiting in the shoulder season is one (major) way to avoid this. Plus, the weather has cooled down. Seems pretty perfect, doesn’t it? We’re exploring a few of our favorite destinations for the fall, starting with the California Coast.

Drive the California Coast in October

On one of the most iconic road trips in the US, drive your RV from the City by the Bay to the City of Los Angeles, meandering along the western coast. Come October, there are festivals-a-plenty, the weather is some of the best of the year, and everywhere from the beaches to the big cities are less crowded.


October marks the harvest period for the wine growers of California, so many areas host vibrant festivals to celebrate. Stop in Santa Ynez for some grape stomping and tastings, and learn about the wine making process from start to finish.

Not to be outdone by the wine community, the beer scene also comes out in full swing in October. Also inland from Santa Barbara is the Danish town of Solvang, which hosts their annual Oktoberfest, complete with German food, microbrews and dancing.

Two of the most anticipated events in San Francisco in the fall include Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, a free music festival held in Golden Gate Park, and Fleet Week, where you can catch an eye-popping air show and a parade of military ships.


Better Weather

Believe it or not, summer time is actually the chilliest in San Francisco. Someone (maybe Mark Twain) once wrote “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”, and boy is it the truth. Come fall, the fog rolls out and the sun comes back, making way for much more enjoyable weather.

As you head down the coast, expect temperatures to range from the low 70’s on the coast to 80’s inland.


Less Crowds

In October, kids are back in school and for most of us, it’s harder to get away. Expect to find less crowds and discover those secluded beaches and quiet redwood forests you were hoping to find on a trip like this.

As you travel down the coast, allow yourself to wander through the quaint, small towns, like Carpinteria, and the State parks and beaches, such as Morro Bay, that dot your path.




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