In spite of our faltering economy, National Park vacations are expected to be a hot ticket in 2009. We are urging you to book now to be sure you get the best that’s available! If you are considering putting off a decision to book your vacation, here’s a couple of good reasons to not procrastinate:

  1. The best campsites will be claimed by other travelers. Not only do we have an extensive list of our favorite campgrounds, but we also have our favorite campsites within those campgrounds. We would hate it if you were to miss out on that site that was right next to a river or secluded away from bathrooms or roads.
  2. The cost of your vacation will increase the longer you wait to commit. Most RV rental companies slowly raise their rates each week as summer approaches (the ‘high’ season) and we have to pass those additional costs along to you. To get the best value for your vacation dollar, committing early is the thing to do.

The moment you pay your deposit we will begin reserving your RV, hotel, campsites and excursions. If you’re worried about having to cancel later, consider purchasing affordable travel insurance (we highly recommend this – we have seen many cases where travel insurance was needed and many of our clients are glad they made the purchase).

We hope to provide you with the best assistance possible in creating a trip-of-a-lifetime. Helping you save a few dollars is just one way we can help. Talk to a trip consultant on our dime to learn more (800-247-0970).