As a staff, we just spent some serious time reviewing the performance of many of our excursion suppliers. These are mostly mom-&-pop companies that provide great activities for our clients while they are out visiting the National and state parks. They provide excursions such as horseback riding, whitewater rafting, whale watching, guided hikes, fly fishing, surfing lessons, ATV & jeep tours, jet boat river trips, guided kayak trips and much, much more.

We understand that each and every one of these outfitters has our clients’ families in their hands during their fun and exciting activity. We listen to our clients, read their surveys and review their emails for good and bad comments. We also consider how easy or difficult it is for us to work with them as well.

With that, we specifically looked at the new outfitters that we added last year. With these new outfitters (at least new to our clients), we paid particular attention to every client’s experiences to ensure that our future clients have the best vacation possible. We also look at outfitters that we stopped using in 2008. Some went out of business, some areas had less travelers than others and some simply weren’t requested by our clients.

On each trip in our catalog, we list optional excursions on our website that we think our clients will want to add to their vacation plans. Unfortunately, due to extreme specialization or their location being more out of the way than most, we do not post every outfitter on our website. So if you are thinking of taking a road trip by RV with Tracks & Trails and you don’t see a favorite activity associated with a trip on our website, just ask. You never know what we may have up our sleeves!