The growing trend in homeschooling has spawned many resources for creating valuable learning and life experiences for all ages. The internet has become an indispensable resource for many parents for research and sharing information. In that spirit, we want to point out a great resource for education, the National Park Service website.

From park-based curriculum (Kindergarten to High School) to distance learning information to suggested reading lists, offers a wide variety of resources that are free. Families can create a number of lesson plans for all of their children that learn primarily at home. And this is a fun way to combine schoolwork with vacation. Many parks have Junior Ranger programs as well.

Remember that Tracks & Trails can help with creating this one-of-a-kind trip! Whether it is RV-based or by rental car, we can have you staying in a National park campground or in a park-based lodge so you are close to all the action and activities.

Can’t make it to the great outdoors this year? Try becoming a WebRanger on-line! You can play more than 50 games while learning about the National parks.