We do get a ton of questions each year, especially about our favorite campgrounds (see the last post) and our favorite places to visit. We so much to see and the great variety of outdoor experiences that are possible in the Western US and Canada, this is not an easy question to answer, but here’s my best shot!

We live on the edge of Canyonlands and the Rocky Mountains, so we can visit either region within a two hour drive. Depending on the season, we can hike in the high alpine meadows around Ouray or Aspen, or mountain bike or jeep tour in the canyons and desert around Moab. They’re all great. But when friends come to town and have choices of these great destinations, here’s their take: You can see mountains, beautiful lakes and walk through lovely patches of forest in Europe, Canada and the eastern United States. The really amazing stuff is the vastness of wilderness and red rocks of Canyon Country. And the stillness and quiet you can experience, along with spectacular sunrises and sunsets, make it magical. Canyonlands and Arches National Parks definitely have the “wow”, as do Bryce, Zion and even the Grand Canyon (although it is hard to really get a feel for the size unless you get down off the rim).

Next week I’ll tell you about fun trips to take with children under 6! Stay tuned!