Ice Cubed TourPeter Lemieux of Athabasca Galier Icewalks was our guide when we took the Ice Cubed tour.  Peter has been a guide for almost 30 years, so we were in good hands.  Your experienced guide will evaluate your fitness level and see that you are properly outfitted before leading you across the glacier, steering you clear of hidden crevasses, all the while entertaining and putting you at ease.  You will encounter moraines (glacial debris) and millwells (deep holes in the ice carved by water that lead to a network of tunnels within and beneath the glacier). Throughout the walk, short stops allow your guide to discuss the concepts of active glaciations and describe the features of a glacially carved landscape, as well as allow time for you to take in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies.


Wulfman Family on GlacierWhen you take your glacier hike, it is recommended that you bring sunglasses and sunscreen, water bottle, a camera and binoculars, and warm clothes.  We were there in August and were dressed for the occasion, but it was still cold!  If needed, you will be provided with boots, crampons (spikes for your boots), gloves, a hat, and rain jacket and pants.


The Ice-Cubed tour is a three to four hour walk that explores the lower half of the Athabasca Glacier.  This tour is recommended for ages 7 and up and is limited to 15 people.   You will see views of glacial features, ice-carved landscapes and other alpine glaciers.  The hike is offered daily at 10:40 am (except Sundays and Thursdays) from June 1 to September 30.   On Sundays and Thursdays a more strenuous, full-day Deluxe Icewalk tour is offered.


Ask our trip consultants about adding this adventure to your Banff and Jasper National Parks vacation – it could be the highlight of your trip.