If you are trying to stay within a budget for an RV trip this summer using a rented RV, consider that the best prices are either in June or the second half of August. You could save 20-40% on the cost of one of the larger components of your trip. With airfares cheaper than they have been in years in combination with a great rate on your RV, you can really save a bunch if you travel in the right time of the summer. And the crowds may be a little bit more manageable!

It’s not too late to consider a National Park vacation out West. While we are seeing that some popular campgrounds are booked for certain dates this summer, we have had no problem getting rental RV’s for our clients. Availability in Canada may be a little dicey during the peak of the summer, but there are still plenty of great dates available for visiting our neighbors to the north. And the exchange rates continue to be fantastic compared to last year.

So give our trip consultants a call toll-free at 800-247-0970 to find a great destination and a great time to save a lot of green with Tracks & Trails!