Earlier I had talked a little about our staff and how valuable their experience is when helping to create your vacation. Another crucial component of our knowledge of the West and keeping up to date with everything that happens in the parks, on the road and in the campgrounds is the direct feedback we get from our clients. We include a survey in every Adventure Kit that is four pages long.

The survey is the most comprehensive tool we have to get a feel from our clients about their trip experience. We ask a variety of questions about the RV, campgrounds, excursions, what exceeded expectations, what disappointed, how they found us and their perception of value. We also have a freeform section where our clients can write anything they want. Many of our testimonials that we put on the website come from that information.

We also have had clients that have documented their trips on family blogs, including pictures and daily postings. And, of course, many clients simply call from the road to ask questions, get clarifications or ask for help.

We take all of this information very seriously and make changes to our itineraries, internal procedures and outfitters based on all of the feedback we get from our clients. We do this because we are always striving to make each client’s experiences exceed their expectations.

So a big thank you to all of our clients from past years – you have helped make today’s clients’ vacations even better!