Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for your next “fix” or a discerning traveler searching for that “once-in-a-lifetime” experience that will become the highlight of your entire vacation, here are a few destinations that are ‘off-the-beaten-path’ that we include in some of our custom itineraries:

Pacific Tree Climbing Institute, Eugene, Oregon. If you are inspired by new experiences, this belongs on your “must do” list. Ascending into the canopy of an old growth forest is not only an adrenaline high but a journey of the spirit. It offers an exciting and peaceful place to experience life in a timeless setting. The tree you climb is specially chosen for your experience, ranging from 250-300 feet tall. You can even spend the night aloft in a hammock, hearing the call of owls, and waking to mist in the treetops. No prior climbing experience is necessary; ascending the tree is comparable to hiking a mountain with a day pack.

Soaring Tree Top Adventures, Durango, Colorado, boasts the largest, highest and safest zip line canopy tour course available, with over a mile and a quarter of ziplines through alpine mountains, aspen forests and across the beautiful Animas River. Opened in 2008, the fastest and most thrilling soaring run spans 1,400 feet, almost tripling the length of its predecessor of 560 feet! Located on 180 private acres, this thrilling day-long, eco-friendly adventure lets you glide through old-growth Ponderosa pines with the help of friendly Sky Rangers (guides) who assist you at every tree. If you take our one of our Colorado trips, you can check out this activity that will make you scream like you’re on a roller coaster!

Fossil Butte National Monument, Kemmerer, Wyoming. Some of the world’s best preserved and abundant fossils are found in the flat-topped ridges of southwestern Wyoming’s cold sagebrush desert. Visit on a Friday or Saturday in the summer and you can hike to the fossil research quarry and collect fossils with a paleontologist. This is a rare opportunity to experience the thrill of seeing a fossil revealed after being buried in stone for 50 million years. All fossils remain in the monument’s museum collection for scientific study, but you can watch lab personnel prepare a fossil, and they will field your questions as well. We can create a custom trip so that you can get to see this unique find for the fossil hunter in your family!

For devoted animal lovers, the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, 5 miles north of Kanab, Utah, (two hours’ drive from Zion, Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Canyon North Rim) is worth a visit. More than 2,000 rescued animals reside in this sanctuary in awe-inspiring Angel Canyon, waiting for you to lavish them with attention. An additional option, you can stay overnight in one of the on-site cottages or cabins, or in your RV. If you take our most popular trip in 2008, you’ll go right past the sanctuary.

These are just examples of the tons of information that we give you in your Adventure Kit when you take a Tracks & Trails driving adventure. We’ve either done the sightseeing to these great destinations or our clients have told us from their own exploring. Either way, there is so much to see in the Western US/Canada and Florida, that we can schedule either downtime, tons of activities or a little of both.

Look for more out of the way destinations next week!