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Zion National Park RV Vacation

About Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a bit different from most other canyon country parks. Here, along with the bare stone mesas and canyon walls, you will also find dense forests, waterfalls, and other hidden gems. Thank the Virgin River, which runs through the canyon year-round bringing precious water to this desert oasis.

The hiking trails through the park go from short and simple (ideal for family-friendly walks), to longer treks that challenge the strongest of hikers. Angels Landing and Hidden Canyon are both tough, and can get the adrenaline flowing as the trails skirt by some really steep drops.

If the idea of steep cliff drop-offs doesn’t faze you, then get off the trail and try some real canyoneering. We can arrange a half or full day with a guide, hiking through narrow slot canyons and rappelling down on ropes.

One of the most challenging spots in the park is the Virgin River Narrows. It’s not a hike along the Virgin River, it’s a hike in it! If the water is low enough, you can wade along the river and see the sandstone walls of Zion Narrows up close and personal. Do not take this route lightly. The water is very cold and the current can be fast.

Although there is a scenic drive through the park, you may not take your own vehicle into the heart of the canyon during most of the year. Park your RV and make use of the free shuttle buses instead to help you move around between lookouts and trail heads. Hop on and off whenever you want. It is very convenient and keeps things nice and calm in the canyon — just as it should be. We will explain all the shuttle details in your Adventure Kit. Another way to give your legs a rest is to head out on horseback, or take the wheel of a jeep. Of course, we will make those arrangements with top-notch local companies.

When traveling by RV, you will have to pay a few extra bucks and join a one-way convoy through the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel. It’s not wide enough for large vehicles to pass each other inside the tunnel! We’ll explain how it’s done.

Interesting Facts About Zion National Park

  • Originally named “Zion” by Mormon pioneers, the canyon park was re-named the Mukuntuweap National Monument. A few years later, the name was changed back.
  • Zion was the first National Park established in Utah.