Looking for the perfect compliment to your RV adventure? We’ve chosen some of our favorite gear this holiday season that are not only awesome, but also give back to our national parks.


Kuju Coffee

But first, coffee. If there is one comfort we don’t give up while we are on the road, it’s high-quality, good-tasting coffee. That’s why we love Kuju Coffee. They use the highest quality specialty-grade and ethically sourced coffees they can find, and it’s super easy to make! You simply fit the Pocket PourOver onto any mug, fill with water and you have a freshly brewed cup of coffee. A perfect way to start your day of adventures.

Kuju Coffee donates 1% of sales to the National Park Foundation.


Chaco National Park Collection

Versatile sandals are key for camping and travel; wearing the same shoes throughout the day while you hike, wade through water, or lounge around the campsite not only helps with packing lightly, but also just makes it extremely easy because you don’t have to think about it! Wearing socks with your Chacos gets you extra points.

Chaco has partnered with the National Park Foundation to create a collection of limited-edition sandals inspired by America’s national parks and monuments. Your purchase helps to support programming, education, and operations of national parks and public lands. And they are cool as hell.



Parks Project Playing Cards

Playing cards are one of our go-to games while traveling by RV. They are small, compact, and offer endless hours of entertainment. Plus, people of all ages can enjoy them so it doesn’t matter who you have brought along – your grandmother or your nephew! We love these National Parks themed playing cards by the Parks Project.

Each item that is purchased from Parks Project helps fund a project in our parks, such as trail restoration and Junior Ranger programs. Follow along with their park projects to see where your money goes.


Do you have gear that you can’t go on an RV adventure without? We’d love to hear about it!