The best way to get over the end of summer vacation… is to start planning your next one!

Summer is winding down, school is starting and you’re probably still reliving the memories from this year’s vacation. But did you know that the best time to start thinking about your next vacation is right now?

Here are 4 reasons it benefits you to book for next year’s family vacation early.

Photo Credit: Gund Morrow Family

You have something to be excited about all year

A recent Dutch study showed that the anticipation of a trip actually brings more joy than the trip itself. Surprised?  We were, too! So if you book now for next year, you have something to look forward to for months and can soak in all that extra joy when the winter blues get you down.

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Allow yourself to use all of your vacation time

Did you know that in 2017 52% of Americans did not use all of their allotted vacation days? Don’t let yourself be one of those people! If you plan early, you can get those vacation days on the company calendar before it’s too late. No excuses.


Photo credit: Zemba Family

Campsites fill up fast – book early and get the best ones

Millions of people visit the national parks each year, so with some advanced planning you can beat the crowds and get the best campsites available. This allows you to stay inside the park close to the action so you don’t need to drive in and out each day. Some campsites will even let you choose your spot, so you can snag the prime one on the water that is still available early in the season.


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Last but not least… Save money!

Our planning fees are currently the lowest they will be all year. Airlines, hotels, and RVs typically offer lower rates the earlier you book, and some even offer early bird discounts. So book now and save some of that cash for fun activities or a special meal while on your vacation.


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