Many gorgeous places in the West are very susceptible to wildfire during the summer months. Unlike last year at this time when many fires were burning in Idaho and Montana, it’s been Northern California’s turn.

At Tracks & Trails, we watch a number of websites daily to see if we need to reroute any of our clients that are currently on the road. Particularly the past month we have been watching the fires close to Big Sur in California. Luckily, we have heard that the local campgrounds that we like to recommend are now open as well as picturesque Hwy 1 (subject to closure to allow for emergency vehicle traffic). In fact one campground host mentioned that with the onshore breezes you wouldn’t know that there has been a fire. Clear skies and no smoke in the campground was the report. We are still waiting to hear about the status of Andrew Molera State Park (we have many clients take horseback rides in and near this state park).

Here’s a great blog about what’s happening right now in Big Sur:
If you want to check out detailed information about the status of fires in the United States, here’s a good link: This is for the National Interagency Coordination Center that reports on national fire activity.