It may be winter now, but pretty soon the kids will be running around in shorts and t-shirts ready for hiking, biking, fishing and exploring. To fuel your daydreams, here are 50 awesome things you and the kids can do in our National Parks. Don’t forget, campgrounds and RVs book up very quickly, so the time is now to get started and book your adventure for this summer.

1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.
2. Perfect your bird calls
3. Have a breakfast picnic.
4. Go horseback riding.
5. Take Flat Stanley on your adventures.
6. Collect memories, not things.
7. Pick up trash in our parks.
8. Snap a selfie with a park entrance sign.
9. Become a Junior Ranger.
10. Go RVing.

11. Take a ranger-led tour.
12. Splash in a waterfall.
13. Stop at scenic overlooks.
14. Hunt for fossils.
15. Look for EarthCache sites.
16. Canoe along a river.
17. Go on a photography walk.
18. Take a nature hike.
19. Hunt for animal tracks.
20. Get your National Parks passport stamped.

21. Go kayaking.
22. Try rock climbing.
23. Visit a nature center.
24. Watch the sunset.
25. Ride a bike.
26. Try a night sky program.
27. Go geocaching.
28. Pitch a tent.
29. Pick wildflowers.
30. Cast a fishing line.

31. Take a boat cruise across a lake.
32. Enjoy a scenic drive.
33. Snap lots of photos.
34. Smell the fresh air.
35. Get to the park early for wildlife watching.
36. Scramble over rocks.
37. Eat a picnic lunch at a scenic spot in the park.
38. Get a Junior Ranger badge and patch.
39. Go on a night hike.
40. Ride a historic train.

41. Hike to the top of a volcano.
42. Try a cell phone audio tour.
43. Enjoy a tidepool walk.
44. Go on a full moon ranger hike.
45. Enjoy one of four free entrance days in 2018.
46. Go on a cave tour.
47. Fourth graders, get a free annual pass.
48. Go stargazing.
49. Adhere to Leave No Trace principles.
50. Go sledding on a sand dune.

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