As the year quickly draws to a close, the time is now to start pulling together your bucket list for 2018. Your list may include places you want to travel, new activities you want to try out (stand-up paddleboarding!) and even a few items you weren’t quite able to cross off this year.

For park lovers, it’s a must to start working on your list of scenic hikes that you absolutely want to do in the new year, whether it’s the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon or The Narrows at Zion National Park. Write them down, make them a reality. Here are a few of our most bucket list-worthy hikes.

Arches, Fiery Furnace

Photo Credit: Flickr/Karen Blaha

This is not your typical trail hike at Arches National Park. Instead, it’s a maze of convoluted red rocks (hence “fiery”) that require visitors to hike, climb and scramble, even crawl to complete. It is easy to get lost, so a guide is recommended, as is plenty of water.

Zion, Observation Point

Photo Credit: Flickr/Junaidrao

Observation Point at Zion National Park may not be as busy as Angel’s Landing, but you can look down at Angel’s Landing from the top. It’s about 8 miles round-trip, and there are portions where you will walk next to steep drop-offs. The trail zig-zags and the view is always changing.

Yosemite, Panorama Trail

Photo Credit: Flickr/Fabio Achilli

The Panorama Trail at Yosemite National Park is 8.5 miles one-way and you’ll want to allow lots of time. Take the bus. You will need advance reservations, at least a day in advance up to Glacier Point. The trail takes you to three different waterfalls, and you get incredible views of Half Dome as you hike around.

Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Trail

Photo Credit: Flickr/Sharon Mollerus

The 12-mile hike along the Bright Angel Trail at Grand Canyon National Park provides some of the most stunning views of the canyon, as well as the surrounding landscape. The hike is steep and strenuous, but it’s also the South Rim’s most popular and rewarding hike. Bring plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Glacier, Grinnell Glacier Trail

Photo Credit: Flickr/Daveynin

Glacier National Park may have the most scenic views of any national park and to really take it all in, you’ve got to hike the Grinnell Glacier Trail. The 11-mile hike takes hikers up 1,600 vertical feet but the views of Grinnell Lake (a glacial lake) down below are absolutely worth the climb.

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