young couple drinking coffee outside of rv, one way to make an rv feel like home
How to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

Vacations are about getting away, exploring new territories, being with the ones you love, and discovering different experiences. But to get out of your comfort zone on vacation, it helps to have a comfortable place to decompress after your day’s adventure. And RVs are the perfect escape. Your RV rental can feel like your home […]

New Hiking Boots for Our RV Trip?

Chunky, high-top hiking boots are really only essential if you plan to hike over rough ground carrying a substantial load.  For most people, a good pair of sturdy running shoes, cross-trainers, or day-hikers would be fine.  They are lighter, cooler, and more comfortable than big ‘ol waffle-stompers.  Whatever you do, don’t go out and buy […]